Opulencia Equestrian and Rebecca Larkin is a recognized importer of quality horses into the American market. 
As a highly experienced importer and exporter, FEI competitor and equine lover, Rebecca is able to source and place horses from around the world to suit your needs. 

Opulencia Equestrian has built a solid reputation for offering only the highest quality horses that fit the needs of their riders, whether it be domestically
or internationally.  With this boutique service, you will get the service you deserve.

Let my great “eye for a horse” be yours to find the perfect match!

I offer a full equine consultant service and I’m dedicated to finding that special horse that will fulfill all of your equestrian aspirations!  With extensive personal connections to the top riders, trainers and several top FEI judges, the horses I scout for you are of only the highest quality, training and temperament.
I work within your budget and most important, I work within your dream!

Service includes but not limited to:

 *Personal consultation and detailed assessment on exactly what kind of horse the customer desires _ I personally ride each horse to its highest trained level for full assessment for client

*Location, appraisal, and full evaluation of potential horses

*Customized shopping trips for quality horses internationally for you or with you (specializing in Spain and Ireland )

 *Coordination of pre-purchase exams, paperwork, and shipping

*Mediation for buyer and seller during the pre-purchase and sale process

*Honest and accurate representation for the buyer with focused professionalism and integrity

*Confirm Piro free – with precise percentages and multiple tests for increased accuracy

*Video services and photography – my eyes are your eyes when you can’t travel with me

* additionally available, pre vetting, xrays, realistic evaluation of horse as is currently, arrange quarantine and import
Personal Consultant fee for travel to scout your dream horse:
I travel to Europe or nationwide ( US ) and Canada on your behalf-- 

Includes all specific for your desired potential horse – full video assessment from walk/trot up, full body/legs/feet video scan of horse, I personally ride the horse with your needs as rider in mind, assessment of temperament and over all character. Consulting with trainer/owner/breeder of horse as to horse’s history etc. I will report back via video uploads, photos and report and pre-qualify all horses for you to your precise specifications.
$500 flat fee daily or $1500 4- 5 days plus Round Trip Business class airfare  ( hotels/meals to be paid by me)


Travel tour with me ( same details as above but you join me )
During our trip I will act as your travel guide and provide an interpreter. I will be there to make it easy and fun! Ride super horses, work with their trainers all with the comfort of myself and team there for your comfort!
This service involves complete organization of the whole trip

Visiting pre-qualified potential horses to your specifications

*Scheduling, choice of transport and route

*Booking of hotels and restaurants

*Interpreter at stables, hotels etc., if required

*Video service, allowing you to review the horses on your own time

*Support for any requirements at hotels, as well as for the entire purchasing process and subsequent shipping

*On request: visits to equestrian events, specialist stores and tourist attractions
Flat fee $500.00 daily or 4- 5 days flat rate $1500 ( plus expenses)
The following will be charged separately (expenses):

*Travel expenses (airfare, rental car, etc.)
*Shared activities according to your wishes: restaurants, tickets to events, etc.

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Rebecca Larkin

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