Opulencia Equestrian

The Ultimate Private and Serene Boarding and Care for your horses!

Pasture BOARD Individual or Group Available

A great place for all horses! Older horses, retiree's or just to give horses a nice place to have a brief vacation and decompress. 


General breakdown of what we offer:

(Prices below reflect horses being pastured 24/7 with shelter available. Stalls are available and can be discussed further if desired.)

$800 : We feed. You provide feed/hay/supplements/salt block/fly spray/all vet and farrier appointments and attending.

$1000: We feed. We provide feed/hay/salt block. You provide any
supplements, fly spray, worming, vet and farrier. We can arrange to be available to hold for the vet/farrier. Baths, grooming, etc can be arranged as well.

Horses that are here while owners are away long term will also enjoy routine grooming, baths, treats, and lots of attention.

We will gladly accommodate any special requests or needs.


Located in the prestigious Shady Road area of Ocala, Opulencia Equestrian is only 5 minutes from the Florida Horse Park - This park provides endless hours of peaceful trail riding.  Numerous shows and events are held at this park as well.

Our lush green pastures range in size from approximately 1 to 3 acres. Four board fencing throughout constantly maintained.  We also have several smaller turn out paddocks each with a run in and or/stall. A heavenly, peaceful and private farm that horses find very relaxing and thrive.   We utilize horse safe weed control and fire ant protection on the entire property. There are top of the line run in shelters with lightening protection as well in most paddocks.

Our pasture boarders enjoy spacious clean improved pastures with unlimited access to grass and/or top quality hay.
Horses are fed 2x a day. ( additional time available if needed)

We fertilize and seed our pastures annually for optimum growth and spray to keep weeds at a minimum. We never turn horses out on freshly sprayed or fertilized ground.

Blanket/flysheet/sun sheet service available. Application of fly spray, masks and or cowboy magic to tails to keep them in great condition and from snagging on fences. Topical preventative treatments and medication for routine conditions are administered as needed, no additional charge.

Free choice salt blocks available at all times, fresh water always.  Grain and supplements can be fed at owners expense.

Excellent farrier service available as well - no charge for handling horse, owner covers farrier expense, only.

Owner (lives on farm) or farm manager on property 24/7 - farm maintains extensive video surveillance of all premises for your and your horses safety and security at all times.

Contact Rebecca at 352-620-5800 to schedule your visit.

All boarders are required to sign a lease and hold harmless agreement.



We do require current Coggins, shot and worming records.






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