FOR SALE - BATTLEFIELD ANGEL HP aka EZRA - Mr. Magnificent, himself!

Ezra is a 2012, 16.3H, black and white Pinto Friesian Sporthorse stallion! ( Friesian/Warmblood cross)

Absolutely full of fire and spirit, this horse is humbling in his raw power and athleticism! Solid 3rd level ( has shown) schooling upper level movements. Easy changes! Lovely in mouth and with expressive but ridable movements! Introduced and training piaffe, passage and Spanish walk.

He is regal and proud and full of confidence! Handsome and charming he struts through life without a care in the world, he is truly something special!

Unique in style and type, he carries some well known and legendary bloodlines (Nico x Leffert x Oege x Samber) from both the Friesian and Warmblood worlds. Very Friesian in appearance, Ezra is stunning with his glorious mane and forelock and feathers, as well as showcasing the powerful movement and knee action and hind end that the breed is known for!

The dash of Dutch Warmblood present in his pedigree adds an extra spark and swiftness to his work ethic and under saddle abilities! This boy is something out of a fairytale! A complete gentleman in the barn with no stallion behaviors.

Offered for sale to the most discriminating of buyers! (can be gelded at owners request and expense) Private Treaty